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The word REIKI is a Japanese word which means meaning Universal Life force (Rei) and energy (Ki). This is the energy which is all around us. Reiki helps to restore balance and harmony. Reiki is the name given to a simple system of hands on natural healing, which Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered during the 19th Century. Developed from ancient Buddhist teachings, it is believed to be thousands of years old.

Receiving a Reiki treatment from a qualified practitioner is a simple process. In a session, it is usual for a few medical details to be taken first. It should be stressed that healing and medicine are 2 very different disciplines and Reiki is NOT a medicine, and should never replace a G.P.'s consultation where necessary. Once the client is comfortable, the Reiki practitioner gently places their hands non-intrusively in a series of positions which will cover the whole body. It is possible to just treat the problem area; however, it is more beneficial to treat the whole person.

A full treatment usually takes about 1 hour with each hand position being held for several minutes. No special equipment is needed for Reiki; the practitioner is a channel through which the energy is drawn . This then passes into the person receiving the treatment and is used by them in the area of greatest need. We cannot dictate where the energy will go, rather we give it freely for the highest good of all. Using Reiki it is possible to heal at any level of being; physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Painful injuries can be helped very quickly but chronic ailments may need more regular treatments. If you are in good health, a Reiki treatment will make you feel even better as it restores balance and harmony to your busy, stressful life.

Usui Reiki is studied at 3 levels, First Degree, Second Degree and Masters Degree. These levels must be taken in order.

First and Second Degree Reiki are often taken over a weekend but this need not necessarily be so. I offer courses to suit the busy lifestyles of my students, and will work with them when it suits them. Reiki Masters Degree is studied on a 1-to-1 basis and will take as long as I, as Reiki Master and the student feel neccesary. During these 3 degrees, students are attuned by a Reiki Master who will also teach hand positions, how to give a session, how to work with the energy about the chakras, using crystals and treating animals and plants. The Second Degree includes sacred symbols which are used to send Reiki energy over a distance. The Masters Degree teaches the attunement process, deepening the understanding and use of energy in special techniques and the basis of psychic surgery.

Most forms of Reiki are based on the traditional Usui Reiki. I also offer Tibetan, Karuna, Cartouche, Seichem,  Lightarian and Shamballa multidimensional healing Reiki tuition to Master level.

Tibetan Reiki
Often known as Advanced Reiki Therapy, this introduces higher techniques and psychic surgery. Tibetan really helps to ground and formalise the energy, providing guidance on a variety of subjects including working with cancer, healing into the light and psychic attack.

Karuna Reiki
This has evolved to support higher awareness, and help to raise global consciousness. Karuna is a Sanskrit word, which means “Compassionate Action”, and was developed by a highly respected Reiki Master, William Lee Rand . If Reiki is powerful in its energies, Karuna Reiki is more so, accessing as it does a very high frequency of healing. It is becoming known as the next stage in spiritual development for Reiki Masters and can only be studied after achieving Master status.A treatment can be a transformational experience, not only for pain relief but also connecting with karmic issues and allowing release of emotions. It works on all levels, boosting energy and bringing relief to all sorts of problems.

Cartouche Reiki
Cartouche Reiki encapsulates the archetypal energies which were known and understood by the Ancient Egyptians. Cartouche acts as a bridge between High Self and things in our everyday life. It is based on an ancient Egyptian energy which has been depicted on “The Way of the Cartouche” oracle cards by Murray Hope. The symbols, colours and meaning of the cards have been found in temples and documents dating back to Ancient Egypt and beyond. The 25 initiations or attunements to these symbols can bring about a state of hightened awareness and clarity, enhancing healing powers and psychic ability. Cartouche is suitable for Reiki practitioners who have reached Reiki 2 and are working with the Usui energies. It is often felt that there is something missing in Usui Reiki; Cartouche fills in those gaps. Usui Reiki may be the foundation on which all other Reikis stand but there is a world of powerful, accessible approaches around which help support the Earth at this time of ascension.

Seichem Reiki
If Cartouche fills in the gaps, Seichem colours the picture in! It allows the practitioner to call on the energy of the four elements. Earth, the first energy is used in Usui Reiki. With Seichem one can also use Sakara, the fire energy, Sophi-el, the water energy and Angeliclight, the air and ether energy.I also include an atunement to the Violet Flame of Saint Germaine and an initiation into the Order of Melchizedik.

Lightarian Reik
This exciting new Reiki offers the most potent and highest vibration of all the Reiki that I have experienced. It allows me to offer a broader spectrum of energy and extends the vibrational pattern beyond Usui or Karuna Reiki. Lightarian Reiki developed in 1997 using the highest energies of Buddha. The intention was to empower the Reiki Master and to keep the system simple. There are no symbols in Lightarian and one is encouraged to use intention to tap into the energies at the higest possible vibrational levels. This can be taken after becoming a Usui and Karuna Master and is one that I offer with distance attunements.

Within Lightarian Reiki I offer Angellinks, which connect powerfully with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel and a seraph, Rose Aura; Lightarian Rays which accelerates your spiritual transformation with Celestial Masters and the 6 levels of Lightarian reiki.

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing Reik
Shamballa works with the universal life force (Reiki), the Mahatma Energy and the energy of the Ascended Masters. It focuses on Wholeness, helping us to love, heal and integrate all parts of ourselves. many people call Shamballa the next step in Reiki but this does not mean that either is better than the other. Rather Shamballa is a blend of energies that allow you to focus on healing yourself, others and the you heal one so you heal all in the I AM tradition of wholeness.

This is another reiki that I offer by distance attunements.

Holistic Retuning was developed by the wonderful Jayne Williams. Holistic Retuning uses Kinesiology to get a Yes/No response from the body. Once you have a good, clear circuit and are happy with your muscle testing, you can ask the body anything, provided it has a yes/no answer. This works because our bodies have a cellular memory and remember everything that has ever happened to us. Every cell retains every experience that we have ever had. They remember correctly and in detail, long after our conscious mind has forgotten. By accessing the body’s cellular memory, we find out what the body wants us to do. The body will always want us to work on whatever the priority issue is at that time.

Our bodies are made from atoms that vibrate at a specific frequency. Using this frequency we tune into and receive different things (issues and beliefs) in our lives. With Holistic Retuning we find out what our body is tuned into, what it wants to be tuned into and how to change it. Once it has been changed, we then check that it has indeed changed.

Holistic Retuning can be used on anyone or anything. I use it to clear negative energies and entities, to work with soul loss, fragmentation or retrieval, on group consciousness or on karmic issues. It's also great for any type of illness accessing as it does the subconscious and can give a clear insight into why we suffer what we do. I also use this to cleanse houses and areas of land and can work on animals and children with their energetic permission.

Whilst this can be done face to face working at a distance (by proxy) allows me to work with clients from all around the world.

Based on Anne Brewer’s book “Breaking Free to Health, Wealth and Happiness”, Soul Clearing works on the Huna philosophy that we have three clearly defined “parts” to the soul: the subconscious, conscious and superconscious or the high, middle and low Self. Our low self contains our cellular memory; that database of every thought, every feeling, every fact that we have thought, throughout eternity. It runs our automatic programmes like breathing, blinking and walking; it is faithful to its agenda on our behalf even if this unknown agenda is making us ill. This is because the low self is unable to reason and cannot distinguish between right and wrong; it has no logic beyond that programmed into it by our middle self.Our Middle Self is able to use will power, reasoning and logic but has no memory, relying on the low self for that information. The ancient Polynesians teach how we have the access we need to our high self which they describe as being the collective unconscious or “Aumakua”. The high self has superb reasoning power and knows without remembering or logic; it connects to elementals and spirits and links to Spirit, Source, Creator energy, whatever you like to call it. This is our link to all that is, all that was and all that will be. We hold the answers to everything within us. There is no need to look externally for solutions to any questions, problems or blockages, everything we need is at our fingertips and we have the key to unlock it. Once we allow the three to be truly aligned, we become empowered and are able to follow our path with ease.

Realigning our three selves is vital to our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. We bring into this incarnation all sorts of vows, pacts, energies and beliefs from our past lives. These are held on a deeply subconscious level and sometimes we are not aware of how we, in the guise of our low self, are sabotaging our development. These karmic lessons are ones we have developed in a physical form in a previous life and having developed them in this way we have to overcome them as we reach the barriers that they represent in this lifetime. The commitment may have been made hundreds of year ago, but our all-knowing high self cannot alter it without the cooperation of our lower and middle self.

Realignment is simple. Any problem can be worked on by tapping into the knowledge of our cellular memory, which, as we know, remembers why we have these karmic blocks and barriers. Once the bones of these issues are uncovered we can raise the vital force that the high self needs to activate the realignment and rewrite, replace and remove anything from the Akashic Records that no longer serves our life purpose. This way, the patterns that we have been repeating through our past lives, most of which has ceased to serve us, can be accessed, examined and removed if necessary.

Property Clearance
Properties can also be cleared efficiently, closing gateways and portalways and reducing the toxicity of the land but honouring lost and trapped souls by helping them on to the astral planes justly earned. Over time, the identity of the land will have been lost; clearance effectively respects the land as it was and nurtures and sustains the people that now live in the property.

Realignment of Primary Archangel Realm
It is possible too, to realign our Primary Archangel Realms; the Archangels provide us with a specific energy which is always related to our life path. Usually we are primarily aligned with just one which represents our link with Creator energy and when connected correctly allows us to fully be ourselves and fulfill our life purpose.

Soul Clearing is always done for the highest good of all concerned. If one is not ready to clear, energetic permission to work will not be granted so only issues that you are ready to release will be appropriate. It is painless, profound and simple and takes energy work to the highest possible levels and dimensions, reaching heights previously only wondered at.

A fascinating aspect of my work! It is my belief that we have had many, many past lives, and that we bring aspects of them into this incarnation. I believe that this is because the soul's blueprint holds all the information about us,in whatever form our lives have ever taken. As the soul stays with you throughout each life, like your cellular memory, it knows everything there is to know.

Research into other lives can reveal much about the patterns and issues we deal with today. We can recognise people from now in other time zones and see ourselves as we walk our path. You wil be able to access information about others who appear in multiple lives with you and so explain some of the strange connections that we feel are inexplicable. Regression is a technique that can be used to access information although it is not usually necessary; working without regression means that this work can be done from a distance.

Another belief that I hold is that all of time is happening now. This means that all these past lives are happening in the moment. It also means that our future lives are happening now, a harder concept to grasp. But why limit yourself to past and future lives when we can also look at parallel lives (our lives that are happening now), multidimensional lives (our lives that are happening in other dimensions) and galactic lives (our lives that are happening in other galaxies). Food for thought!

The ultimate in self empowerment! Scientists agree that we have 2 coiled strands of DNA within our body and a further 10 “junk” strands that we have no use for. It is now possible to “re-coil” those junk strands in a process called DNA recoding which expands human potential and consciousness, making this the ultimate pilgrimage in self empowerment, truly the journey to your essence.Reconnecting the strands enables us to have access to 12 levels of awareness and information rather than just the 2 we have now. This expanded consciousness will manifest by increasing our psychic awareness, releasing debilitating emotions, balancing the endocrine system and allowing us to live our path and purpose.

Essentially DNA recoding is something that one must do for oneself; however I can assist by using Soul Clearing, Holistic Retuning and other practices to help you overcome blocks and barriers. This is an ongoing procedure which used to take many years to complete; these days it can sometimes be accomplished in a couple of months.

As global vibrations rise in preparation for ascension, many more people are working, and walking a consciously spiritual path. As they become more sensitive to energies it is likely that they will also become more prone to “picking up” unwanted energies, interference and negativity, not to mention becoming aware of entities, implants and other unwanted intrusions. Psychic attack can become a reality although many will still be blissfully unaware that this is happening to them.

Like all negativity, however manifested, this can lodge in the aura before travelling to the etheric body. Once there it is a short step to the physical body where we hold “dis-ease”.

A session of Etheric Energy Healing can remove spears, arrows, implants curses etc. Follow this with consciously acknowledging and releasing the emotions, then cleansing and soothing the aura and one can experience a lifting and lightening of spirit and emotions.



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