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Working with me - Prices

Soul Clearing
I see very few clients face to face which is good news for those who live at some distance from Farnborough. I take my commitment to my clients and students very seriously. I don't offer a quick fix, one-off session as a solution to life's problems, and would expect to work regularly with people. Working one's life path is the most dificult thing one does in life, and can need constant attention. You wouldn't buy a car and then forget to service, feed and care for it. Why would you do that with your body and soul?

Details of what happens in the session would be posted or emailed to you for later discussion by telephone if necessary.

Costs: Soul Clearing Session 45
Once your commitment to the work is clear, I offer a discount for a block booking.

Holistic Retuning
As with the Soul Clearing, the need to see clients face to face is no longer necessary.

Costs: Holistic Retuning Session 45
Again, I would expect to work regularly with a client, and a discount would be offered for a block booking commitment. Details of what happens on the session would be posted or emailed to you for later discussion by telephone if necessary.

An investigation with specific questions to research 45, Past life regression also available 45

Reiki sessions are available at all times to suit the client. After the first session I offer a discount to those who need to take on a series of treatments; this would be tailor made to your needs. Each session would take about an hour and a half. Currently, the cost for a session is 35, concessions are available, please ask for details.

Reiki courses are run regularly from my home and are in small groups. Again, these courses are designed around the student and their lifestyle and can be offered over one day, a weekend, a series of evenings, or as preferred.

Costs: Usui, First Degree 80
Usui, Second Degree 120
Usui, Third Degree 150 (Master attunement without the responsibility of teaching)
Usui, Master Degree, please ask.

Tibetan, Karuna Reiki, Seichem, Carouche, Lightarian and Shamballa Reiki, please ask.

A session of Etheric Energy Healing can remove spears, arrows, implants curses etc. Follow this with consciously acknowledging and releasing the emotions, then cleansing and soothing the aura and one can experience a lifting and lightening of spirit and emotions, 45



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