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How wonderful it would be if you could write a script for your life to follow. If only life was simple and things so easy to change that you could. "Lifescripts" can help you to do just that – it is about writing the script of your life. I’ve been told that the world isn’t ready for me. The question is not so much are you ready for me, but more can you afford not to be ready for me?This work will touch your soul.

Life, like time is flexible. And time, like life passes us by while we wait for life to happen. Inevitably we reach a mid-point which can be at any age when we think "Is this it?" with almost a sinking feeling. We become aware that things that worked in our parents’ generation aren’t working for us, and to be honest would we want them to? We are evolving as human beings but more importantly; our spiritual state is more obvious and real to us than at any time in history. There is a new paradigm, a different way of being and thinking; it’s exciting, scary and overwhelming all at once.

 I’ve been teaching Reiki for years now; Reiki is how I earn my bread and butter, the other things I do help me buy the jam. In a recent adult education class of 12, 8 students wanted to learn Reiki so they could use it, and various other therapies, to leave the "proper" job and make a living from alternatives. We are all searching, looking for answers. What is abundantly clear is that whatever the question, the answers are within us. They are not out there, somewhere, but here, inside, where we know everything. We may not even know what the question is; that really is immaterial; what is so important, urgent even, is the answer and looking within to find it. Looking outside of the self leaves you powerless and any help ineffective. We can collect information and ideas from other sources but we have to realise that for our own needs, we must connect to our own high self.

So, with that knowledge, suddenly the idea of writing a script for your life doesn’t seem quite so outlandish. Of course, the actual fact of writing a script is metaphorical, but as our subconscious can’t tell the difference between fiction and fantasy, that doesn’t really matter. You could of course put pen to paper to write but it’s more about using other tools to remove blocks and barriers that are stopping you from achieving what would be written on the script, if you were to write one.

The tools I like to use are many and varied; I don’t like to be limited so I never confine myself to just one thing, one way of thinking or one interpretation. I may be surprised at what comes up in a session but I would never discount it. Everything is shown to me for a reason. Being told that something can’t or wouldn’t happen is an inadequate explanation. If it’s being discussed then it’s possible. Our cellular blueprint, the journey of our soul, is hugely personal. What works for one may not work for another, just as on a more human level, 2 people with tonsillitis may require different antibiotics.

I work with the Huna philosophy that we have three clearly defined "parts" to the soul: the subconscious, conscious and superconscious or the low, middle and high Self.

Anyone who has started to do any questioning about life and the meaning of it all, will be familiar with the subconscious and how it works. Our low self contains our cellular memory; that database of every thought, every feeling, every fact that we have thought, throughout eternity. It runs our automatic programmes like breathing, blinking and walking; it is faithful to its agenda on our behalf even if this unknown agenda is making us ill. This is because the low self is unable to reason and cannot distinguish between right and wrong; it has no logic beyond that programmed into it by our middle self, hence the inability to distinguish between fact and fiction. If it could, why then would children, and indeed adults, wake with racing hearts, tears and screaming from nightmares.

Our Middle Self is able to use will power, reasoning and logic but has no memory, relying on the low self for that information. This is the Self that tells us we should be having "me time" in one ear, while the programme running with low self is whispering "But what about the cleaning/cooking/children". I’m sure you get the picture.

So what is High Self doing while all this is going on? The ancient Polynesians teach us how we have the access we need to our high self that they describe as being the collective unconscious or "Aumakua". The high self has superb reasoning power and knows without remembering or logic; it connects to elementals and spirits and links to Spirit, Source, Creator energy, God, or whatever you like to call it. This is our link to all that is, all that was and all that will be. Coming as we do from the Oneness, the Divine Creator, the Godspark, we are tied to the Creation energy, and derived from that same source, the only source. As we hold the answers to everything within us, there is never any need to look externally for solutions to any questions, problems or blockages, everything we need is at our fingertips and we have the key to unlock it. Once we allow the three to be truly aligned, we become empowered and are able to follow our path, if not with ease (because this path is the most difficult to walk) then at least with less difficulty.

Realigning our three selves is vital to our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being. We bring into this incarnation all sorts of vows, pacts, energies and beliefs from our past lives. These are held on a deeply subconscious level and sometimes we are not aware of how we, in the guise of our low self, are sabotaging our development. These karmic lessons are ones we have developed in a physical form in a previous life and having developed them in this way we have to overcome them as we reach the barriers that they represent in this lifetime. The commitment may have been made hundreds of years ago, but our all-knowing high self cannot alter it without the cooperation of our lower and middle self.

Realignment is simple. Any problem can be worked on by tapping into the knowledge of our cellular memory, which, as we know, remembers why we have these karmic blocks and barriers. Once the bones of these issues are uncovered we can raise the vital force that the high self needs to activate the realignment and rewrite, replace and remove anything that no longer serves our life purpose.  This way, the patterns that we have been repeating through our past lives, most of which has ceased to serve us, can be accessed, examined and removed if necessary. Think of issues as onions. If you search about a bit and find the seed which forms the basis of the onion, you will also find that the layers of the onion have been added over time, whenever a related issue comes up. Change or repattern the seed and the layers have nothing to cling to and so dissipate.

One of the bonuses of this sort of work is that the client is not required to be in the room with me while I work, which allows me to work over a distance. This is possible because we all have the connection with the Divine Source, this wonderful energy that supports and nourishes us. We all come from the One and are all connected. Everything is connected to everything else. Think of the air we breathe. Is the air in my house different to the air in my garden? The only blocks to air are man made ones and it’s the same with our Divine connection. But just take a moment and think of the possibilities here. If one can work with anyone, no matter where they are in the world in relationship to you, then surely one can work on anything and everything; with stuck energy and entities at the sites of tragedies, on buildings, trees, planets…in all concepts of time, all dimensions, and all lives past, present and future. The possibilities are endless, limited only by you.

So do something truly for yourself and the nourishment of your soul - write the script of your life. Work with what blocks you and keeps you stuck. After all, in this life, surely you deserve to be aware of this fundamental truth and find your authentic path. Walk the realm of your own reality.

So are you ready for this? Can you afford not to be?

I became interested in alternatives as so many other have done, through illness. In 1994 I was diagnosed with M.E. following a viral heart infection. Once diagnosed, the medical profession lost interest in me and sent me home to rest! Over the years I have tried so many things to create wellness within me, believing that anything can be cured if only one can find and work with the emotional starting point.

The first thing I tried was Reiki which I did, as with most things to help myself, never believing that I would work with and attune others. Holistic Retuning followed and I had clients in this amazing therapy from day one. Being a typical Gemini I have to keep on learning although I am wary of my energies becoming too scattered. I took my Tibetan Reiki Masters and Karuna 1 and 2 Reiki Masters attunements to add energy and real power to the Reiki I offered to clients; and of course with this came more knowledge to pass on to others on my courses.

Then 2 years ago came a life changing course in Soul Clearing which sits very comfortably with the Holistic Retuning.I add to this knowledge of spiritual response, shamanic technique and crystal work. My latest research, which has been guided by angels, is to clear negativity in all its forms, from the solar system and to tap into lives in other dimensions.

The practice is within easy reach of Farnborough, Aldershot, and Guildford on the Hampshire/Surrey border although, apart from the Reiki, most of my work is done remotely, from a distance. This is because I am not restricted by time and space when I am working at the vibrational frequency and dimension that I now access.

Although all of the work that I do is able to be used for any sort of condition be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, most of my work and experiences are grounded around past and parallel lives, removing of any negativity (entity, energy or whatever), and psychic attack in any one of its myriad forms.

If you feel I can help you in any way please contact me by phone or email, I will be pleased to talk to you.

Mandy Burton



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